The brand

The King of Hair Treatments

Former celebrity hairdresser and hair product guru Philip B took over as Hollywood's preeminent hair-treatment expert, in the 1990s. He did hair for Sharon Stone, Mick Jagger, Iman, David Bowie and Prince, among dozens of others. Now Philip runs his signature luxury beauty line, which is sold everywhere from Iceland to Thailand.

Over the years, Philip has garnered international praise for his visionary approach to hair, scalp and body-care treatments. His award-winning blends, all based on pure botanicals and essential oils at potent, unheard-of-in-the-industry concentrations, have dramatically changed the way the world perceives luxury care for hair.

"I love giving hair treatments and seeing people instantly transformed. Clients always say to me, 'If only everyone could sit in your chair!' But everyone can: It's not me – it's the products. All of them were tested on my clients, many of whom are famous people who need to have a great hair day, every day. From the first time I saw what pure botanicals could do for hair, especially when used at potent, active levels, I knew that I was onto something. And your feedback confirms that: Even if I'm not there, I can be there in spirit!" ~ Philip B.


Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Philip has built up an enviable client list, working with many actresses who had badly damaged hair from heat styling and frequent colour changes for film roles. His experiences led him to do his own research into ingredients that could revive their parched, fragile hair as he couldn’t find anything on the market to provide his clients with complete hair transformation. Philip scoured local pharmacies and stores for the finest hair treatments and was shocked to find that even high end shampoos were a mix of detergent, water and fragrance, and the conditioners were made with heavy waxes that left hair limp and greasy. The more he searched, the clearer it became that only healing natural ingredients - specifically, pure botanical oils used at active levels, could produce the kind of hair transformations he envisioned.

By 1989, Philip was mixing pure botanical treatments in his kitchen, and by 1990 he was testing his own creations on the most affluent people in Hollywood and quickly became famous for his homemade hair and scalp treatment, which is still a pillar of the Philip B range. With the help of some amazing chemists, Philip produced his products on a larger scale and so, the Philip B hair care range was born!

Philip officially launched his Four Step Hair & Scalp Treatment – comprised of the Rejuvenating Oil, Peppermint & Avocado Volumising and Clarifying Shampoo, Lightweight Deep Conditioner and pH Toning Spray – at Bergdorf Goodman in January 1992, and in less than a week the store had sold out of all 4,000 units. Philip has since had his own salon in West Hollywood, and affiliations with the Beverley Hills Hotel, Pierre Michel Salon at The Plaza Hotel New York, and Dr. Ava Shamban, one of the most popular dermatologists in Los Angeles.